About Us

Smartsoft is a modern technology driven company that aims at IT cost savings and improvement of business operations management at every level of the organization. Therefor a completely new cloud-based software platform is developed for the overall information and communication provision of businesses (ERP). The experience of the past, together with the technological developments in recent years, was the important factor which has led to the construction of a platform with the appropriate functionalities. Using a powerful framework and based on technological innovation quick and clever software is developed, leading to more efficiency in all operational and logistical processes. This has resulted in a completely new concept aimed at improving the quality and management of business processes for both trading and manufacturing companies.

The Smartsoft ERP software delivers immediate process improvement in communication, planning, production and logistics. The leading principle hereby is digital control without paper, using smartphone, tablet or PC. This results into a fast and efficient information and communication provision for all employees, according to the motto:

‘Information at your fingertips, anywhere at any device’.

Our mission is not only to achieve savings in IT costs for our customers using the latest (cloud) technology, but also to improve the control and management of business processes, with the aim of sustainability in return and improvement at every level of the business operations management!