Smartsoft ERP Technology Platform Choice

Developing a new generation of ERP systems based on the latest technology developments, is not easy. In order to get a feasible and high-quality solution, it is necessary to use an existing global eco-system. Smartsoft has chosen the eco-system from Microsoft. This is based on the following arguments:

  1. Microsoft is dominant in the enterprise market of ‘mission-critical’ business applications, like ERP systems, despite the strong rise of Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) in the consumer market.
  2. Microsoft provides a comprehensive and robust cloud platform (Microsoft Azure), which is extremely important for the effective management and use of cloud-based ‘mission-critical’ business
  3. Microsoft has one of the most powerful and most widely applied development environments for building ‘Mobile first, Cloud first’ (business) applications, focused on the effectiveness of the developer: Visual Studio IDE and Team Foundation Server (TFS).
  4. Microsoft offers a rich and mature technology framework for building high demanding and sophisticated cloud applications (.NET framework and ASP.NET Web API) all backed with robust and reliable cloud-based data storage solutions, like Azure SQL Database and Azure Data Storage (for storage of unstructured data).
  5. Microsoft is the only application development environment that offers native apps and web apps development independent of the device form factor (smartphone, tablet or PC). The (Metro) UI is innovative and in line with new forms of user interaction (touch, voice, etc.).

Microsoft also provides key technology solutions that focus on cooperation (‘collaboration’) such as Office365, SharePoint, Yammer and Skype, which have significant added value if integrated with business applications.

While Smartsoft has chosen Microsoft Azure for its cloud infrastructure and Microsoft .NET framework and tools for developing its backend cloud services, for frontend UI development we have chosen open web technologies, like HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, in order to ensure maximum device independence. Smartsoft ERP is developed as a Single Page Application (SPA), being a true web app with the power of a native desktop app!