Smartsoft focuses on the development and marketing of a new generation of ERP systems in particular for customer order driven manufacturing companies in the small and medium enterprise market (SMEs), providing solutions already available in larger ERP systems to smaller businesses. In addition, new technological developments are applied based on Microsoft technology, with the key words: cloud technology and touch-based devices.


The use of cloud technology and the associated ‘app store’ concept has the important advantage of substantially lower IT costs, because the management and upgrades of the software are fully automatic. The ‘app store’ concept leads to a significant increase in flexibility by a further modularization of software applications. In addition, a touch-based user interface will greatly simplify the user experience (consumerization of enterprise applications).

Another important objective of Smartsoft is a better logistical support of the primary business processes, especially in those situations where in the integrated logistics chain there is a strong (and growing) need for modularization of the product design coupled with a significant (and increasing) influence of customer wishes in the production process (also called ‘customized manufacturing’). Also a good support of the after sales process is very important, especially if there is service and maintenance of delivered products (also called ‘servitization’). Smartsoft is based on the knowledge and experience gained during the development of the BaanERP applications. The Smartsoft solutions are based on a fundamentally new design and based on years of logistics experience.