Target Market

In order to successfully develop and market a product the right focus and the choice of the correct product/market combination is of great importance. Smartsoft focuses primarily on customer order oriented production companies in the small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), with an Engineer to Order (ETO) and/or Assemble to Order (ATO) typology with a wide range of production process organization implementation types from a flow-shop to a classic job shop production typology.

target-market-1 For companies in the SME market that are characterized by a combination of an Engineer to Order and Assemble to Order typology are currently no or only limited solutions available. While different applications often include a module for project management and costing, a good support for the Engineer to Order and Assemble to Order typology, including a full-integrated product configurator, is often hardly present. The support of a logistics process for the manufacturing and supply of a product where the customer defines the specification or configuration, however, requires a fundamentally different approach in the planning and implementation of the logistics process! Product variants and attribute sets, which are integrated into all logistical functions of the system are therefore essential.

In the past, the logistics innovation within ERP systems often has been limited to the introduction of the customer order decoupling point (CODP). The American APICS framework calls for a further approach, whereby material and capacity planning must be resolved fully. Here, the choice of an order based or a plan based approach is also determined by the time horizon (short, medium and long term). By applying advanced planning and optimization techniques a better coordination between material and capacity planning at both short and long term can be realized.


Overall the foregoing means that Smartsoft concentrates on the following target market with the following characteristics:

  1. Type of businesses: manufacturing companies with an Engineer to Order (ETO) and/or Assemble to Order (ATO) typology, with or without multiple geographically dispersed offices (international).
  2. Company size (number of employees): 5-100 employees.
  3. Functional areas: Smartsoft focuses on the core of the production logistics. That means that the following functions are supported: Purchasing, Sales, Project Costing and Management, Inventory Management, Work Preparation, Planning, Production and After Sales. At present, for CRM we foresee integrations with Microsoft CRM or Salesforce; for Finance an integration to Microsoft Navision Finance, AccountView, Exact or Coda is obvious.